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Kerrie has been involved in the health industry for over 20 years, she has a background in dental health, lecturing at Melbourne for 12 years as well as having managed private practices.

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At Ocean Grove Massage we can help you with ​muscular and joint pain, ​respiratory and digestion issues, children and babies or maybe just a relaxing massage.

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We have an online booking system that allows you to choose a time and day that suits you. If you can't make your schedule time please notifies us 24 hours prior to your booking.

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Our clinic is located here:

260 Thacker Street
Ocean Grove, VIC 3226

Ph: 03 5256 2019
Mob:  0414 563 362

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Ask Me About Posture Medic

posture magic

Posture Medic is specifically designed to help you overcome your poor postural habits and retrain your body to stand up straight with our easy Stretch - Strengthen - Stabilise program.

Using the Posture Medic for our short and simple 10 minute stretching and strengthening program can improve your range of motion and upper body strength. This can help you straighten up and stand tall naturally.

By wearing the Posture Medic as a dynamic brace, you can retrain your body to maintain the ideal position:

  • head up
  • straighter neck and back
  • an open chest
  • shoulders back and down

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